30 December 2007

the amazing domino machine

I used green, red, red, and then yellow and blue and so on. It is 1, 2, 2, 3, 4 pattern. When I knocked it down it was fun.

03 December 2007

I made a mistake

I went to run
I made a mistake and I ate a bun

I thought I was holding a cat
but I made a mistake and I was holding a bat

15 November 2007

Patterns on my socks

PER: Bump, down, bump, down, bump, down. ABABABAB. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Sticky, nice, sticky, nice.

07 November 2007

Using Cubes to Make Patterns Using Cubes

The colours of the pattern are light blue, dark blue, yellow, light blue, dark blue, yellow and so on….
It goes snap, clap, slap, snap, clap, slap and so on….

26 September 2007

mango seeds

why do mangos have big seeds?

(typed by Per)

13 September 2007

Edible Art

Trucks are my favourite things. That’s why I made it. It has got lots of things at the back. I will show you how I made it. I got four cucumbers and some radish and one was the steering wheel. At the top is the exhaust. I made the window with celery.
I ate the steering wheel but I didn’t really like the taste. It was a bit strong.